Hello World!

Hi people of the internet,

I’m very, very new at this kind of thing called blogging, so do excuse me if I make mistakes, but I’m learning.

I love reading, and even tough I don’t study literature, it’s a thing that I always like to do. Yes, I do read other reader’s blogs, but I thought “why don’t I just give it a shot?”.

My favourite genres are fantasy and young adult. I read quite fast, so expect a lot of reviews. I do want to keep a blogging schedule, but for now I’m just going to wing it and see what happens.

If you have any book recommendations, leave a comment and I will thank you very much.  My goodreads page is Beatriz Mouga if you wanted to know.

Oh, before you go, and if you’re still reading this, I’m Beatriz, but you can call me Bea. I’m Portuguese so book covers and titles of pictures ae going to be a bit different, and sorry for my english mistakes.

That’s all for my first post. Hope you liked it, and see you next time.

All the Love,

B xx